Brief –
The Typographic Circle wish to produce a series of special books/publications on specific people who have given talks for the Circle to work with their 'Circular' magazine. The publications can be of any size & format but should work as a series. They do not have to be like a magazine, but should be thought of as books or 'special editions'.

Solution –
The deliverable is an desirable supplement that will instead of showcasing the designer’s work, will showcase the designer’s personality and what elements define them as individuals. The elements are based on quotes that they are renowned for saying. The quotes will complement the Circular Magazine that showcases the designers’ individual work. The design of each issue is unique to each designer and clearly distinguished by colour, typeface, and quotes where each reflects and represent who the designer is. The format used encourages the audience/reader to build a structure of the designers. The structure however is not rigid, thus the reader/user can construct a model in whatever shape they please. There is no right or wrong model. 
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